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The NCLEX application process is extremely difficult, highly complicated, and time-consuming and requires a lot of work and effort to get approved and licensed. Our international applicants don’t apply with us because they are in a hurry, they use our service to eliminate mistakes, omissions, confusion, guesswork and head-scratching associated with all the difficult and tedious paperwork that goes with obtaining an NCLEX License.

Here's how we can help you.

With our expertise in NCLEX processing, we will have you licensed MUCH EASIER and SIMPLER than if you were to handle it on your own. We can also help you complete the processing faster for you with the help of our USA Located Associates & Consultants


We handle ALL the difficult, tedious and nitty-gritty legwork associated with applying for NCLEX. This includes, but is not limited to:

PRE-QUALIFICATION & EVALUATION ANALYSIS: The Professional Regulatory Board Agencies have specific licensure eligibility requirements that each candidate must meet prior to applying for NCLEX. We will conduct a free pre-qualification analysis for you to avoid mistakes, omissions and unnecessary errors that will time-delay your application.

CGFNS CREDENTIALS VERIFICATION:Prepare credentialing/verification application for CGFNS and other verification requests from credential service authorities.

NCLEX APPLICATION PREPARATION: Prepare the NCLEX application along with numerous forms, credential service requests and background checks until you get your Authorization to Test.

LEGAL/FBI BACKGROUND VERIFICATION : Prepare application for FBI and other third-party background-credential legal service agencies on your behalf.

NCLEX APPLICATION PROCESSING:Assist in the completion, process and deliver your NCLEX application to the professional regulatory boards. Deliver your application, documentation and other supporting requirements to the professional regulatory agencies.

NCLEX EXAM REGISTRATION:Apply for NCLEX Exam Registration on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about it.

FREE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE: Provide you with Assistance and Advice on how to handle any “requirement issues”, “background issues” and any “deficiencies” you may encounter with your application for NCLEX Licensure.

FREE TRACKING & ALERT SERVICES: Maintain constant contact with the professional regulatory institutions on your behalf. Alert you of important information as to the status of your NCLEX application.

FREE FOLLOW-UP: If necessary, we may occasionally make follow up calls and inquiries, on your behalf, as to the status of your application to all legal, professional and third-party institutions involved in obtaining your NCLEX Licensure. After official approval of your NCLEX application, we will continue to keep you informed until your Authorization to Test is issued.

HANDS-ON SERVICE: A Specialist will be assigned to work on your application ONLINE to help you at every step so you can never go wrong. If you are experiencing issues or deficiencies in requirements, the Specialist can advise you the best possible options so you can obtain your NCLEX License.

5. Are there any fees an applicant is responsible for paying aside from the service fee?

The NCLEX Authorities listed below DO charge certain applicable fees in order to look at/approve your background papers. We merely collect these fees and pay on your behalf to the institutions mentioned below. Part of our NCLEX Service is to make the whole process very CONVENIENT for you. Our NCLEX Service Fee includes assistance and guidance services. There is a  "ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGE" we charge in addition to our "SERVICE FEE". You are also responsible for the payment of the institutional fees listed below or any other fees associated with processing your paperwork. We don't make money out of these fees. We merely collect them and pay on your behalf to make it convenient for you.


  • CGFNS (varies) - $350-upwards depending on your educational background.
  • Criminal Background Agencies - Varies - $130 - upward
  • BON - Varies - $200 - upwards
  • NCLEX Exam Fee - $200 - upwards
  • PRC - $49

If you have any additional questions. You will find all of our Specialists to be friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and most importantly, willing to address your unique application needs. Let us make your NCLEX application a simple one!


We prepare and process international applications for NCLEX for graduates of foreign countries.  The number one reason foreign graduates use our NCLEX processing service is because applying can be stressful, headache-inducing, complicated and time-consuming. Most applicants don’t even know where to begin.

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